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Story Keren CapCut Template

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Looking to make eye-catching videos for TikTok or Instagram Stories but don’t have advanced editing skills? That’s where the Story Keren CapCut template comes in! It was made by a famous TikToker named Elfaa to help you create cool and unique stories. This template, also known as the Elfaa CapCut template, is your ticket to stylish and attention-grabbing videos without needing to be a pro editor.

Info Table

NameStory Keren CapCut Template
Duration12 Seconds
CompatibilityAndroid & IOS

What is the Story Keren CapCut Template?

This CapCut template is like a special kit that turns your regular TikTok stories into amazing, professionally edited videos. It’s like having magical tools at your fingertips to make your stories stand out.

This template, crafted by Elfaa, a popular TikTok creator, is loaded with editing tools like effects, filters, and transitions. These tools work like magic, enhancing your stories and making them more captivating. Plus, there are other cool templates available, too, such as Jalebi Baby, Sad, and Harleys in Hawaii CapCut templates.

How to Use The Story Keren Template of CapCut?

  • Install CapCut on your device, whether it’s Android, PC, or IOS.
  • Tap the “Use Template” button provided.
  • You’ll be directed to the Story Keren template in the CapCut app.
  • Tap the “Use Template” button again to start.
  • Now, you have full control over this CapCut template.
  • Customize it by adding your photos, videos, or text.
  • Add cool effects to enhance your creation.
  • Change the music if you wish in the settings.
  • Once editing is done, tap the export button to save your masterpiece.

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Tips for Making Awesome Videos with the Template

  1. Use Great Photos: Pick clear and sharp images with stunning backgrounds. You can change backgrounds easily using Remove. Bg. Professional-looking photos make your videos more appealing.
  2. Get Creative: Don’t hesitate to mix things up! Try different filters, transitions, and text effects. Experiment with placing elements in unique ways. Remember, there are no rules in creativity. Embrace learning and making new, distinctive things with this CapCut template.
  3. Keep it Short: People nowadays are busy and prefer short videos on social media. Make your stories concise yet creative. Cut out unnecessary parts and focus on your main message. Short videos encourage re-watching and sharing.
  4. Use Hashtags: When sharing your masterpiece, add hashtags. Think of them as guideposts that help people find your content easily. Hashtags connect you with others who share similar interests.


Using the Story Keren template brings some really cool benefits that make your stories stand out:

  1. Fantastic Filters: Imagine those awesome colors and styles in pictures. This template lets you use them to give your story a fresh and cool vibe.
  2. Smooth Moves: Instead of abrupt jumps, you get smooth transitions between story parts. It’s like making your story flow like a movie.
  3. Popping Words: Want to say something in your story? This template makes your words eye-catching with different styles and colors.
  4. Musical Touch: Add fun music or cool sounds to jazz up your story. It’s like giving your story its special vibe.
  5. Loads of Creativity: It’s like having a box full of art tools! Try different things and make your story look just the way you want.
  6. Time Saver: Making stories can take a while, but this template speeds things up. You don’t have to start from scratch.
  7. Your Unique Style: If you want all your stories to match and look great, this template helps you do that. Use the same colors and styles for a consistent look.
  8. More Likes: When your stories look awesome, more people like them. This can help more folks see and enjoy your stories.
  9. Versatile Use: Whether it’s showing a trip or cooking something delicious, this template makes all kinds of stories better.

So, when you use the Story Keren template, it’s not just tools. You’re making your stories super cool, catching everyone’s eye in a fun way.


The Story Keren CapCut template is a super cool tool for making your TikTok stories really awesome. Made by Elfaa, it’s like a fun playground with filters, transitions, and effects that make your stories extra special. If you want your TikTok stories to be exciting and look really nice, the Story Keren template is the one to use.

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