Is CapCut Banned In India? All the Important Information You Need

CapCut isn’t available in India because it got banned there on June 29th, 2020. This app, made by a Chinese company called ByteDance, faced some issues that led to the ban. That’s why CapCut can’t be found on India’s App Store or Google Play Store.

Why Is Capcut Banned In India?

India banned CapCut and several other Chinese apps in 2020 due to privacy concerns. The government asked these apps to meet security and privacy standards, but only TikTok compiled them. This made the Ministry of Electronics unhappy. As a result, CapCut and 59 other apps were banned permanently in India. People can’t download CapCut or TikTok from the Google Play Store in India because of this ban. Since TikTok owns CapCut, both apps are banned by the Indian government.

Will India Retract The Ban

The Indian government wants to protect its citizens’ privacy. TikTok asks for permission before collecting user info, but it shares data with its parent company, ByteDance. This worries the government. CapCut, owned by ByteDance, might also share data. People support the government’s decision to ensure privacy under their laws.

Can I Use Capcut in India?

Sure, even though CapCut and TikTok are banned in India, there’s still a way to use them. If you had CapCut installed on your phone before the ban, you can still use it. But if you’re a new user, you can’t download it from the Play Store anymore.

However, you can use a VPN (a free one works fine) to connect to a country where CapCut is available. Once connected, go to the Play Store and download CapCut using the VPN. If it says, “This app is not available,” you can use our guide for help.

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