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Making videos is a big deal these days, and using templates is a great way to make them cooler. CapCut has these templates that help a lot—they’re like a good starting point with lots of cool stuff to make videos better.

One of the famous ones is called the I Am the One CapCut template. It’s inspired by a super energetic song by DJ Khaled. You can create videos that pump people up and give them a boost of motivation. It’s all about creating videos that inspire and stick in people’s minds.

Name I Am The One CapCut Template
Views on TikTok774.4k
CompatibilityAndroid & IOS
Duration15 Seconds

What is I Am The One CapCut Template?

The ‘I Am the One’ template is like a futuristic tool for people who want to craft inspiring videos. It’s packed with cool features like moving text and eye-catching effects that match the energy of the song it’s based on.

This template is all about grabbing people’s attention and making them feel motivated and inspired. You can find it in the CapCut app, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves making videos and wants to get creative!

How to Use

Here’s how to use the ‘I Am the One’ CapCut template:

  1. Tap the ‘Use Template in CapCut’ button.
  2. CapCut opens up automatically—tap ‘Use Template’ inside the app.
  3. Add your photos or videos to the spots in the template.
  4. Change how long each photo or video shows and put them in the right order.
  5. Watch your video to see if you need to fix anything.
  6. When it looks good, save it or share it on TikTok, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, or wherever you like!” 

These steps should help you make cool videos using the ‘I Am the One’ CapCut template without any hassle.


How to Customize

One of the amazing benefits of the I Am the One template is its customization potential. Tailor the template to your liking by personalizing various aspects.

Text Customization

Customizing text in the CapCut ‘I Am the One’ template is super important for making cool videos. You get to change the font, size, color, and how the text moves around. This helps make your video match according to your desire in your mind. 

When you pick fonts and colors that connect with your audience and add fun animations, it makes your video stand out. You can make your message more powerful, emphasize important parts, and tell a story that sticks with people.

Making these text changes in your video lets you make it special and look exactly how you imagine it. It’s all about making your ‘I Am the One’ video awesome and unforgettable!

Visual Effects


“Transitions help your video move smoothly between different parts. With the ‘I Am the One’ template, you can pick transitions to make your video look professional and flow nicely from one scene to another.”


“Filters change how your video looks by playing with colors and brightness. They set the mood—by making it look nostalgic, energetic, or dreamy. Trying different filters makes your video cooler.”


“Stickers are fun images you can add to your video. The ‘I Am the One’ template has lots of them. You can use stickers to make parts of your video more interesting or add humor. Placing stickers in the right spots makes your video more exciting.”

Music Selection

Choosing the right music for your video is super important:

Match the Theme

 Pick music that goes well with what your video is about, like motivating or inspiring content.

Evoke Emotions

 Think about the feelings you want people to have while watching your video. Choose music that makes those feelings stronger.

Fast or Slow

 Decide if you want your video to be lively or calm, and choose music that matches that vibe.

CapCut has lots of music options you can use, or you can add your music to make your video special. Remember, your music should fit well with your video’s story and keep people interested.”

These visual effects and music tips can make your ‘I Am the One’ video look and feel awesome!

Tips for Creating Engaging Videos

To maximize the impact of your motivational or inspirational video using this CapCut template, consider these tips:

Use Strong Words

“Pick words that make people feel strong and motivated. Use words that inspire action or make them think positively.”

Choose the Right Pictures and Videos

Select images and videos that match your message. Use visuals that make people feel the way you want them to feel and connect with what you’re saying.

Make Short Videos

Keep your video short and clear. Say what you want without making it too long. This way, people stay interested and understand your message easily.

Tell People What to Do

In the end of your clip, ask visitors—like subscribe or visit your website. Also guide them about next steps.

Following these steps can help make your videos powerful and engaging!


The I Am the One CapCut template is perfect for making motivational videos. It’s got cool text and effects that make videos inspiring. When you change it to fit your ideas, you can craft video clips that people like a lot.

So, use the ‘I Am the One’ template, be creative, and inspire others with your videos. Let your videos be the start of something good and help make a positive difference!

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