How To Blur On CapCut| Step-By-Step Guide 2024

Sure thing! Making your video look amazing requires a good editor with cool features. CapCut’s got everything to jazz up your videos! If you’re new to CapCut and want to blur parts of your video, our guide will help. This article will guide you on how to blur on CapCut. It’s packed with awesome features like adding text, slow motion, and more. Plus, in CapCut’s mod apk, you can blur stuff for free! Now, let’s get to the point. How do you blur faces, backgrounds, and text using CapCut on your computer? That’s what we’ll explore here!

Why Use Blur On Capcut?

Sure thing! When we want folks to focus on one thing in a video, we blur everything else behind it. It’s a cool trick that grabs attention and makes the video look super pro. Once you give it a shot, you’ll always want to use this technique.

This post is all about how to blur stuff in CapCut templates.

How To Blur A Whole Video In Capcut?

Enhance your video edits using the new blur tool in Capcut. Instead of long promos, make snappy videos with blurs to focus on what matters most, creating suspense for your viewers.

A quick tip: Ensure you have the latest Capcut version. If not, get it from here or uninstall the older one.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Install Capcut.
  2. Begin a new project.
  3. Choose your video.
  4. At the bottom, open Effects.
  5. Look for Blur in “Basic.”
  6. Apply Blur to your video.
  7. Adjust how long the blur lasts.
  8. Done!

How To Blur The Video Background On Capcut?

Certainly! Blurring the background in Capcut might seem tricky if you’re new to it. Capcut mod apk offers various blur options, like vertical or chrome blur, allowing easy background blurring for images or animations. Let’s dive into how to blur your video background in Capcut:

  1. Access the format menu at the bottom.
  2. Choose your video size.
  3. Use the back button.
  4. Next to the format menu, find the canvas menu.
  5. Select the blur option.
  6. Choose the blur effect you prefer.
  7. Voila! Your video now boasts a blurred background. That’s all!

How To Blur A Certain Part Of A Video?

At times, our videos might look good, but the background isn’t right or shows things we prefer not to. Making small tweaks, like blurring specific parts, can make the video much better. Here, we’ll show how to blur specific areas in a video.

  1. Open the overlay menu.
  2. Add the same video as the main one.
  3. Resize the overlay video to match the main video size.
  4. Return to the menu.
  5. Apply the blur effect.
  6. Click on the object button.
  7. Transfer the blur effect from the main video to the overlay one.
  8. Open the overlay menu again.
  9. Press on the video layer in the timeline and choose the mask button.
  10. Choose a mask shape.
  11. Adjust its position and shape.
  12. Apply the blur and set its level.
  13. If the object moves, use keyframes.

How To Add A Keyframe In Blur Video?

  1. Click the third button with a plus icon to add a keyframe.
  2. Drag the timeline until the object needing blurring is visible.
  3. Add multiple keyframes to different points in the timeline.
  4. Open the mask menu and readjust the blur position for each keyframe to cover the object.
  5. Repeat this process until the end of the video.
  6. Play the video to review the effects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Habibi Template’s drag-and-drop system is super intuitive, making video creation a breeze. It simplifies the editing process, ensuring that crafting your videos is smooth and uncomplicated.

Sure thing, the Habibi Template, along with all the other templates in CapCut, comes at no charge. They’re all available for free, no hidden fees whatsoever.


Using Capcut to blur a picture, part, background, or whole video is super simple. Even if you’re starting, it’s not hard at all. Just follow the steps I mentioned earlier. And if you get stuck, drop a comment anytime, and we’ll help you out!

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