CapCut Green Screen: Tips for Stunning Videos 2024

If you’re excited to change your video background or try something new, let’s talk about adding a CapCut Green Screen background. This cool feature is trendy on TikTok and widely used in news, weather forecasts, and Sci-Fi movies to remove backgrounds. You can use the green screen effect in your videos, too. Wondering how? Well, most video editing apps offering this feature might need payment, but with the CapCut mod apk, you get it for free! It’s not just free; it also makes your videos look better.

What Is CapCut Green Screen?

CapCut’s green screen is like magic! It lets you put many videos together and change your background to a green screen. No more worrying about where you are; you can change the background later.

We found two easy ways to use the green screen of CapCut. First, fill your screen with green using a color picker. Second, remove the green background using a background remover. 

How To Put Video On Green Screen CapCut?

This article focuses on adding the green screen effect in CapCut and how to remove it using the app. It’s a handy feature for finding YouTube-like effects, such as subscribe buttons or alien effects, and we’ll guide you on removing green screens from these videos.

Here’s how you can bring green-screen YouTube videos to your photo gallery:

Method 1: Use a screen recorder to capture the video.

Method 2: Download an app from the Play Store to install the video.

Sure, if you opt for the second method, you can watch a video featuring a green screen effect, stop recording, edit it to isolate the green screen part and save it. Then, you can add this edited clip to your timeline in CapCut. Now, let’s dive into CapCut’s green screen feature and how to use the chroma key effect.

How To Use Chroma Key Effect?

  • Start a new project in CapCut.
  • Mix the green screen video by tapping on ‘Overlay.’
  • Adjust the video if you see any unwanted parts. Use the ‘Edit’ option to crop them out.
  • Click on the ‘Chroma Key’ tool and place it on the green screen area.
  • Increase the intensity.
  • Your work is done!
  • Play the video to make sure the green screen is removed.
  • If it’s gone, you are going right.

How To Do Green Screen On CapCut- Color Picker?

  • Install a green screen video to your phone.
  • Open CapCut and add this video overlay.
  • Choose the video from your phone’s gallery to use as the background.
  • Mix different videos in one frame.
  • Pick the color you want to remove (like green).
  • Tap the ‘Chroma Key’ tool and navigate the options.
  • Use the color selector to pick any color to remove like green.
  • Adjust the size and make it more visible if needed.
  • You can add shadows for a more natural blend of lights.
  • Check your video and store it into your phone’s gallery when satisfied.

How To Use CapCut Green Screen – Remove Background?

To remove the background from your video in CapCut without using the chroma key feature, follow these steps:

  1. Launch CapCut on your device.
  2. Pick the video you want to change.
  3. Choose ‘Overlay’.
  4. Select your green screen video.
  5. Hit ‘Remove Background’ to erase the green screen.
  6. Make your video fancy with effects or lighting changes.
  7. You can save your video on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Chroma key is like magic for videos! It helps mix different pictures or videos to create a cool new one. You know when you see someone on TV standing in front of a crazy background? That’s the chroma key at work! It’s like making a secret movie where we put all the things together to make one awesome scene.

To remove the green screen using CapCut, follow the steps mentioned earlier in the chroma key method. It’ll guide you through the process!

Sure thing! To get a green-screen video, you have a few options. You can use a video downloader to grab one from the internet. Try looking on Instagram – there are lots of accounts that share them for free. Another way is to use a screen recorder to capture a green screen video and then tweak it to fit what you need. There are so many methods to get your hands on these cool videos!

  • Install a green screen video to your phone.
  • Start a new project in CapCut.
  • You can add green screen video as an overlay.
  • Choose the video from your phone’s gallery.
  • Use the “Remove Background” option in CapCut.
  • Adjust the size and shadow as necessary.
  • Done!


This info helps you understand using the CapCut Green Screen tool. You can make videos with or without a green screen background by following the steps. There are two ways to add the green screen effect, so pick the one that’s easiest for you. Share your thoughts in the comments and get started on making your YouTube videos with a green screen today!

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